How to use the COMSA token sale dashboard

Login page

The login screen for the COMSA token sale dashboard. You can log in with your COMSA ID and password. People who do not have a COMSA ID yet can register as new members from here.

ICO Summary

ICO summary page. You can check ongoing or scheduled ICOs here.
When tokens are currently on sale, you can look at total token sales and supply amounts for each virtual currency, and amounts of confirmed purchases by logged in users.

  • For ongoing ICOs, go to the purchase screen from the “Purchase” button.

Token purchase

You can purchase tokens from this page during ongoing ICOs.

  • You can check the bonus schedule for token sales or the virtual currencies available for purchase.

Token purchase method

  • Enter your desired payment currency and the payment amount, and click the purchase button.

Payment when purchasing

  • Read the QR code from the wallet terminal used, or send money to the address.

Transferring from Zaif account

  • If you want to immediately finish a purchase payment, it is convenient to make a transfer from a Zaif account.
  • Customers using a Zaif exchange can use an OAuth certification to make a quick token purchase without any network fees (remittance charges) for the transfer from the Zaif account.
  • Registration at the Zaif exchange is necessary at the time of use.
  • Customers who have not opened an account or confirmed their identity yet can use this after finishing registration at the Zaif exchange.

<how to transfer cryptocurrency from Zaif account>

  1. Input the amount you want to purchase, then click “Transfer cryptocurrency from Zaif account” button.
  2. The screen automatically transitions to Zaif screen.
    Approve “COMSA Token Sale” to use your Zaif account information, please.
  3. Click “purchase” button on the small window at COMSA dashboard.
  4. Transfer completed.

<In case you see “error” message.>

  1. Your transfer from Zaif exchange has not been completed (invalid address parameter, out of restrictions, etc).
    In case you regulate the payment address at Zaif exchange, the error message is displayed to your screen.
    → Please go to see the payment address management page, and set the new COMSA address for payment.

Referral bonus

The page for referral program bonuses.

  • You can check invited web addresses and purchase records of invitees.

Token purchase records

The page for token purchase records. You can check the purchase records of logged in users from here.

  • You can look at the purchase totals and records for ICOs participated in, and check the situation of each purchase.

Token receipts

The page for receipts of purchased tokens. *Currently under construction.

  • Under construction.


Page for various settings.

  • Email address
  • Password
  • 2 step verification settings