[Notification] CMS:XYM Airdrop Distribution has been started.

We would like to inform you that we have started distributing the CMS:XYM airdrop that we had announced.   Mosaic ID 027C6AD49DE2C9F9 Alias comsa.cms   As of November 30, 14:30(JST) distributed cms.xym Quantity: 215867979.535273 Regarding opt-in requests after the snapshot: Airdrops will be distributed sequentially. The following is a list of TXs for opt-in applications that we were unable to distribute. Transactions that have been applied for more than once and ignored. aa06ff5e3ba0a7d3e41420f13cb14128e20e5a434d108202213967e940a3e3c1 ea7844dd0cf6a1ec12dfd151208adadb4321b0b513243b817285403a459953c6 2397dae95b9bc349f76993b86df08b3286db892ab718b0199ab415ad4312934c 8051178d9032cda43fa78b0e60ce09e8c27ef05127b0f97f2cb1a0e486244032 c5914977ec45fdbda523d49832403928d7ca06af7049eb783b7b54d1c3d78a26 cb053b195f3c585435d4adb2ca16ca36919879ae94cc06553d5b08a63a6b95ea a2f2d794f4d8a0bd8b0a93256e54c92d696f4d2099c7c88bfdd7a12689f4cdbc 8b5e4ce83feaa8fe6283f6f928abf8d8e026a802e6395c3492985c201cf4cc8a 38173ee6e7f4d8c9d76474d73d2149e849af398a39c5c4e61a14d788937b7dbb 3b4206ec469eb7f7d0ee7267dc228a925fd727e9f18c8ce39e747be02fbcf694 93dcc8dc90afd08e517d7ca2149039a40424343a1303b2bd964cdc713fb66298 4c6ad727bccc4629f67737a1730f2e9379dc76b81a1a134a302078d192c636ee 216e13d6ed49b6c7afa5a63be8e701935f5465ae2d7ccdf13a90af58b1e02f12 835b3eb1330475db1e71212cb4d533d2c5a5a184d51ff421d8f9f521e5df1039 4474a61758061bdbab96eb7c8ee75d59c7e75b5967aa9979f83f13e398982003 abc960d7bf4ae5c9e404fb5474746782a39163d6cafb0ffb3d633b3aef139334 d2039988d18616afa2171809a46ced1af957b1845778f04b3c5be2666d489b40 2cb3e2aeeeb218d57f1491ad695c63b16e26e31593d115d0b60af62ec232df6f 2553af6500d4e7d0399a4003108d64d178b3156dbfaa72eb92aaab95f8ce5d05 3a182f8c52d5becf7e3ddbe1d0ce941b38266683b3bf8b15d2a195fab5d1765a c670f47dd7e20712b6731c6ce6e2808f650c4851407834bed2ea4321f1607b83 3d1bec18ed4720cc9a49770c98b32e3349e3547203281619a28ed86f7a3284c4 a5f862ad6c03815158c33315511588422d16748db0d3394420a5c6f8f5868382 b169734cdb879dade980027799fec5a370c06e484e165b978b6571998040a411 551584b5ec2614d73f95dbc19eb5dfd87217ead4abf72ba08587578b15d3131b f608f83f88cc8e16755a863323a8403b80e0f0445cefb3ebd2cfdead73037e9f 0d83fc8541fe07a0cf0e0d87f2cae4d7a81460d9648c83931c40fa14f6064390 68815461d4c66e2a30c68c7c2f58a0ba5593ae9c894dfa12135a13e0731c26f4 29276a33abbe125d72ca1fdbbff4f629ad2ad53b20be5e19f93a796b7d335c98 ed37c48c4201010ff87bfebac1070352eb510b97e13756db96f52b5070bb30f6 5112112b830286e71a17ad6dc2b3f2d0776ad6b48504aff41af1ce80953430ba a54ccbb087c5e340662f1cd95cb7a1cc1eb3e6c289597a8861c964e6045ce4bc 5b22020b3f2197ee8640a27286f6aba5f2df8cc84f504f3fb831f6fe21ba2cac Invalid Symbol address (including testnet, message…

[Notification] CMS:XEM Snapshot Completed

We would like to inform you that the snapshot of CMS:XYM airdrop that we announced has been successfully completed.   Snapshot blocks: NIS1 3,474,300 blocks Total number of opt-ins: 517 Opt-in ratio to total issued volume: 98.55%   The “opt-in” application period will end one year later from now, on Friday, November 25, 2022, at 10:00 p.m.(JST). The distribution of CMS:XYM is scheduled to start after November 26, 2021.  We are currently preparing for distribution. We will notify you again when we start distributing it.  

[Notification] Estimated arrival time of snapshot blocks in CMS:XYM airdrop

November 24, 2021 We would like to inform you again about the CMS:XYM airdrop snapshot block that we announced on October 25, 2021.   Snapshot blocks: NIS1 3,474,300 blocks   The estimated arrival time of the snapshot block as of November 24, 2021, 17:00 is around 22:00 (JST), Thursday, November 25, 2021. The arrival time is only an estimate, and the airdrop will be applied to the CMS:XEM holdings balance as of the block height of 3,474,300.   “opt-in” application period: one year after the snapshot block generation is completed.

How to participate in the COMSA token sale

How to participate in the COMSA token sale Tech Bureau will launch a token sale from October 2nd, as the first stage of its COMSA project. The token sale period will open on October 2nd, 2017 at 14:00 (JST) and close on November 6th, 2017 at 14:00 (JST). During the token sale, one COMSA (symbol: CMS) token shall correspond to each purchase of $1. Please see below for information on how to participate in the COMSA token sale. The amount of COMSA token you purchase is, fixed its number when COMSA server receives the transaction. The exchange rate also will be fixed at USD / cryptocurrency base when your cryptocurrency…

How to participate in the COMSA token pre-sale

We have closed accepting participation for the pre-sale of COMSA token sale. Thank you for your participation. We will have the main sale of COMSA token from October 2nd, 2017 14:00 until November 6th, 2017 14:00 (JPT). How to participate in the COMSA token pre-sale Tech Bureau will launch a token sale from October 2nd, as the first stage of its COMSA project. The token sale period will open on October 2nd, 2017 at 14:00 (JST) and close on November 6th, 2017 at 14:00 (JST). You may participate in the token pre-sale offering an individual 20% bonus, for investments of cryptocurrency worth over $100,000 until September 20th, 2017 at 14:00…